CipherShed closer to alpha release

CipherShed closer to alpha release

Exiting time for TrueCrypt successor

The CipherShed team has complied with the original TrueCrypt license and is now completing a security review, to ensure the safety of your data, This review will be the last step before releasing the Alpha CipherShed Release.

We will keep you informed, stay tuned…

Notable Replies

  1. Is there a way to help you guys by testing the alpha?

  2. just "EnCrypt"... EnCase is not going to sue you guys, and TrueCrypt devs that no longer exists isn't going to come back from the dead to file a lawsuit.

  3. The work, for now, is focused on changing a lot of references in the
    code from TC-related terms to CS-related terms. Obviously if the name is
    changed a lot of this work will go down the drain since everything will
    need to be changed again. Worse, one will need to watch out for both TC
    terms and CS terms unless the project starts from the beginning again.
    Please tell me where exactly I'm wrong here.

    I think the programmers are capable enough not to use name specific terms hardcoded everywhere as it obviously was the case in the original source code. The original authors were simply sloppy there. I don't think any reasonable programmer should do that. If it's done right (and I think there are good programmers working on the code right now) then all captions and name references are held in one place and can easily be changed to whatever is needed.
    From a programmers point of view names are just some captions and references. If you never wrote software yourself this is obviously something you don't now. Any argument about discussing a programs name holding up the development process itself is complete nonsense. Period.

    Donating money to anything doesn't entitle the donor to anything. I can
    agree somewhat to the fact that TC devs were unresponsive, but on the
    other hand I can see how they thought of it as part of their OPsec,
    which apparently worked since no one knows who they are.

    The TC developers were not unresponsive. They simply were assholes.
    If the developers of a project are trying to connect with the community by listening, discussing and even sometimes adjusting you have a community that wants to be part of the project. You then suddenly have people donating money and time because it feels good to have semeone who is willing to discuss the good ideas and the bad ideas because both show deep interest in the project.

    If I had someone over my shoulder tell me how to do my work, or that
    they don't like how I do my work, I'd quit. And I most certainly see the
    fact that if this continues, the devs probably will stop completely the
    already slow work they do and quit. I can assure you that it's then
    that the project will die, and it will happen because of the community.

    I think the current programmers are perfectly aware of the responsibilty they took in this very special case. Truecrypt is or was not your everday open source playground. It is widely used for commercial purposes and as a serious security tool. Money was raised to audit the sourcecode and the company who audited tc did an extremely professional job so far.

    The project will certainly not die because of the community having too many suggestions and thoughts. With a stable community who is willing to put in their thoughts the project might grow perfectly well and the maintainers have the chance of being supported with money.

    And this project might very probably need some money. Developing time, hosting, and so on... Because those of us who work for a living need money to feed the family. And I'm with those who are willing to donate money to those who are willing to donate time, because I know it's gonna make their lives easier that way.

  4. If the name is so very important to you, rename it and make your own compile. Problem solved. Now please stop calling the TC developers assholes. It is not kind. They did far more than most ever paid them for, and more altogether than everyone combined paid them for, and if you disagree, then repeat their work on your own time before trying to tell me that is a fact.

    I for one am glad the TC devs did not bother responding to all the petty whining of the community as a whole. Most of the things they responded to was intentionally indirect responses. They responded by fixing the problems people reported.

    As I understand it, CipherShed will be open sourced, so grab the source and rename ever last part of it as you wish. Or do not. It is your time to waste.

  5. Is someone still working on this project? No news for ages...

    It seems that the project died nearly as quickly as it popped out from nowhere..

    I switched to veracrypt and have to say I like it.

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