Ciphershed about to release new version of Truecrypt

CipherShed is about to release a new version of TrueCrypt

The CipherShed developers announced during today’s regular conference call: “We have a release candidate: a0d7cb9” (Full GIT Hash: a0d7cb9e3e80015c8c51327fa22e4d02afa0c3bd )

We will be publishing a new CipherShed release (0.7.4) of TrueCrypt on December 31. That is our way of saying “Happy New Year” to all TrueCrypt users. Thank you for your support, you may now switch to CipherShed safely…

Please feel free to test this RC1 and let us know how things go. This release is a big step toward CipherShed finishing the complete rewrite of the famous TrueCrypt application.



ps: your New Year resolution: join the CipherShed team and write some awesome code

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  1. I for one will never delete the reliable old 7.1a that is practically unbotainium these days. Besides, it is tiny. Hold onto it even if you move over to a replacement project.

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