Author: Jos Doekbrijder

patches and security fixes

Ciphershed is to release patches and security fixes today While rewriting the entire (!) TrueCrypt source code the Ciphershed dev team ran into some annoying bugs a buch of typo’s and discovered nasty errors that needed fixing. Todays release of

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Link to new TrueCrypt release

It is out !!! The CipherShed team has done it, version is released. Here the link have fun Cheers

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Ciphershed about to release new version of Truecrypt

CipherShed is about to release a new version of TrueCrypt The CipherShed developers announced during today’s regular conference call: “We have a release candidate: a0d7cb9” (Full GIT Hash: a0d7cb9e3e80015c8c51327fa22e4d02afa0c3bd ) We will be publishing a new CipherShed release (0.7.4) of

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pure-privacy donations rock!

Our sister site pure-privacy is rapidly gaining speed Within 4 days donations broke a record we thought would take 2 months. Read here We are happy to realize that you all feel an audit of the successor to TrueCrypt

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Pure-Privacy collecting money for Crypto Audit

Our sister-site pure-privacy is going strong. CHF 1’600.- has been saved this far. Thanks to Ira Chandler for breaking the 1’600 mark. You have asked what this money is used for: “We want to be able to get Mathew Green

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TrueCrypt Audit Phase 2 published

Here the long awaited second part of the TrueCrypt audit Share, read, study and learn from it… (that is what I do) Cheers TrueCrypt_Phase_II_NCC_OCAP_final

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Rewrite of CipherShed is coming along nicely

The rewrite of @CipherShed is coming along nicely and the team is still looking for competent volunteers doing an audit (of certain modules only). We are talking unit tests here… small bits of codes to check… Want to help, please

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TrueCrypt Audit (part 2) to start soon

Good news from the project: The TrueCrypt Audit (part 2) is to start soon. The project started by Matthew Green and Kenn White will soon continue its audit of the TrueCrypt 7.1a code. And I agree with Matthew. I

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Source Code review still an issue

Source Code review still an issue If you want to help the Projects? This is the number one way… The @CipherShed and @VeraCrypt_IDRIX projects are looking for developers actually reading the code and submitting bugs. Do you have time? Feel

CipherShed closer to alpha release

CipherShed closer to alpha release Exiting time for TrueCrypt successor The CipherShed team has complied with the original TrueCrypt license and is now completing a security review, to ensure the safety of your data, This review will be the last