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Pure-Privacy collecting money for Crypto Audit

Our sister-site pure-privacy is going strong. CHF 1’600.- has been saved this far. Thanks to Ira Chandler for breaking the 1’600 mark. You have asked what this money is used for: “We want to be able to get Mathew Green

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Serious development to start soon

Serious development is to start soon on a new Truecrypt by CipherShed Team F/OSS Crypto-Tech team gets ready to handle input from large number of contributors (you). We will be rewriting major parts of #truecrypt The efforts include a rebranding

VeraCrypt and working together towards common goal

VeraCrypt is joining hands with in working together towards retaining truecrypt functionality and improving the project. Since we share this common goal working together makes a lot of sense. In the truecrypt forum Monir Idrassi details his deliberations.

Language Packs and User Guide

Thanks to the help of our followers we have a few more downloads available: Language Packs We currently have the Language packs for Czech, French, German, Italian and Slovakian, you can download them on the Download Page User Guide We